Fives is a ball game played in a court with a leather ball. The players do not use bats or rackets of any type, just gloved hands. There are three main types of Fives, named after the schools at which they were developed:- Rugby Fives, which uses a rectangular court with a flat floor, Winchester Fives, predominantly a doubles game, which employs a rectangular court similar to a Rugby Fives court, but with a thickening of the left hand side wall some 6 feet from the front wall, forming a buttress, and Eton Fives which is played in a court with no back wall, a raised area at the front of the court, and a buttress and drain as obstacles on the left hand side of the court.

At Halifax, we play Rugby Fives.

Rugby Fives.
Unlike squash, there are no markings on the floor of the court. There is, however, a bar on the front wall of the court. Once the ball is in play, after leaving the players gloved hand it must hit the front wall above the bar before it touches the floor. The opposing player must then return the ball to hit the front wall, again above the bar, before it has bounced a second time on the floor of the court. The ball may touch any number of walls in its progress round the court.

A rally is started by the server throwing the ball up against the front wall so that it bounces back, touches the side wall and is then hit by the server. The ball must then hit the side wall before impacting the front wall.

Points are scored when the receiving (non-serving) side wins a rally.

Rugby Fives can be played as a singles or a doubles game.
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